Natassia is an amazing artist with a true passion for expression and creativity. Not only does she exude life and happiness through dance, but she teaches her students the roots of each technique. Her beautiful choreography helped me become a more confident person, and I look forward to every class with her!

-Rachael Sverdlove, Northeastern University Belly Dance club

Natassia is a really special teacher who will show you not only how to move, but what it means to dance. She teaches history and translation of words, rhythms and cultural ideas, and she’s always available for a fascinating conversation about dance and culture. The soul of belly dance lives in Natassia, and it is always a pleasure to experience it.

-Brianna Kayte Caleri, Northeastern Belly Dance club

Classes with Natassia have been incredible. I have never met someone so passionate about dancing and so excited to teach people. Belly dance is the best activity to gain self-confidence and self-esteem. I highly recommend Natassia.

-A. Irizaky 

Natassia has helped me transform as a dancer and overall entertainer. The techniques she teaches are not only physical but cognitive and allow for a student to unlock their potential. I find myself using methods she has taught me in places outside of performance. Natassia also finds it important to teach history of dance within her classes which allows for better understanding of the source of the movements. I find this to be very rewarding and a respectful way of learning dance. She is a beautiful soul, a patient teacher and an incredible performer to learn from. Any student would be lucky to study from Natassia!

- Maria Kasseris

Natassia creates such a welcoming space to explore movement and musicality. Her dedication to learning the history of traditional cultural dances allows her to weave stories in her classes and her desire to share the information she has accumulated is a gift to the dance community. She empowers her students to feel and create rather than simply copy steps and I feel blessed to have been able to study with her.

-Michelle Lewis