Natassia LOVES belly dance in all its shapes and forms. She has been studying obsessively ever since the dance fell into her lap one fateful night in 2011. Since then she has dedicated almost every waking moment of her existence to this art form, trying to find understanding in all its deepness and beauty. 

She has taken every opportunity she can to study with dancers who inspire her and will always be a lifelong student, for the most enjoyable part about this dance is there is always something to learn.  Natassia has been a dedicated student of Serene and Erzulie of Boston, and has had the privilege to study with so many teachers she can't even count. Some notable teachers who have made a huge difference in her studies are Karla, Aszmara, Khaled Mahmoud, Yasmina Ramzy, Donna Mejia, Lubna Emam, Raqia Hassan, Samer Fares, Rachel Brice, Bevin Victoria, Shadia Tohme, Amar Gamal, Soumaya MaRose, and Jaclyn Barzvi.

Natassia has been performing for 7 years and has had the privilege of performing in groups and as a soloist. She has well over 100 performances under her belt ranging from crowds of 2 people to theaters of 300 people. Her favorite place to dance will always be the Middle East in Cambridge MA, as this is where she started performing and has learned the most about the dance. The Middle East opened the door to belly dance for Natassia, she has witnessed some of the most artistic and soulful dances by her fellow peers, and has created some of her proudest work here.  This place has always encouraged her to create and be authentic to herself. Amira Christina who currently hosts and Karla who previously hosted the belly dance night there have always encouraged Natassia to perform and most importantly be true to herself. One of the most beautiful things about this place is the people that come to the Middle East trying to find a place to call home. Natassia has had the privilege of connecting and learning from friends here and they have shared their cultural dances from home with her.  The most important lessons she has ever learned about this dance has been taught to her under the roof of the Middle East. 

She started teaching in 2017 and enjoys sharing dance so much with others. She now teaches regularly in Allston MA at Salsa Y Control, and she is the teacher for the belly dance clubs at Northeastern University and Boston University.